So, back to Bitcoin trading – Time flys!

Last update was in March? Wow. What’s been happening? Well, Bitcoin isn’t trading still at $5,000 that is for sure. Bitcoin price headed north and broke through the major resistance at $9,204.20.

On the 1st of June Bitcoin hit the top major resistance point of $10,373.75 and hasn’t made any attempt to break through since.


Life has been a little bit upside down since the beginning of the whole Coronavirus issue for me back in March. I am now, like so many others, trying to regain some normality and will update frequently again.

Have I still been trading? Hell yes! I’ve still been following Bitcoin and selected AltCoins, daily – It’s my addiction!

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First ever Binance Bitcoin warning received.

Binance Warning - Volatility Alert
Binance notifications are not normally like this. You know the market is moving quickly when you receive warnings.

Binance Bitcoin warning sent to my mobile phone early this morning. To me this is a very professional approach by a responsible cryptocurrency exchange. Especially since this market is completely unregulated.

Cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance, do not have to issue a Bitcoin warning at all and to be honest it probably isn’t in their best interest to do so short-term. The market moving is how they make money.

Long-term for loyalty though from a customer/traders point of view this is certainly welcome.

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I want to mine for coins! Let’s go on a gold hunt… Is it that easy?

I’m going to be honest and admit this isn’t an area I am up to speed with.

Mining hasn’t been something, other than my first try back in 2011, that I have ever really been in to.

This isn’t because I am not interested in it, of course I am, it’s all related to the coins that we trade today.

Mining for coins tends to have expensive start up costs.

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