Simple Lightbox plugin – How to link images using WordPress. Not cryptocurrency related.

Having checked out my blog using my mobile phone I noticed that the images I had already added to the site were tiny. This isn’t very helpful when you’re trying to show where to click on certain websites as you cannot see what has been highlighted.

This lead me to try and find a way to allow the images to expand so that they can be viewed full size. To do this I needed to add what is called a ‘lightbox plugin’ to this WordPress site.

Finding a plugin was easy enough I just had to navigate to:

>Add New
> Search ‘lightbox’ using the search bar.

‘Simple lightbox’ was the first to show up.

Once I had gone ahead and installed the plugin the instructions said it would work straight out of the box.

It didn’t! – Simple my f&%£%^& a%$

My images wouldn’t expand into a new lightbox, everything remained the same.

After Googling for a couple of hours and getting very frustrated, plus installing and uninstalling other plugins, I finally stumbled over the solution.

I couldn’t find this answer anywhere online, so here it is.

Use the standard ‘add image’ as a block and upload as normal. Select the image and add it to your post.

Click the little chain symbol for linking – Tap ‘Media File’ it will auto link and there you go – Job done! (Both of these above images will expand. Go on, have a click… You know you want to!)

Hope this saves someone a hour or 2.

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