LIVE – Bitcoin Chart (Daily)

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  1. Watching Verge (XVG). I have a small bag bought at 175 sats. Will have to place a stop loss in profit behind if it moves above.

    Not sure why I like Verge but I do. Unfortunately it has been a victim in the past of a 51% attack and the developers have a reputation for being lazy. That being said though, total privacy coin, which is limited in supply, and constantly partnering with companies… Sleeping giant?

  2. $9,265… If Bitcoin doesn’t push up into the green within the next few hours it’s probably going to carry on downwards.

    The price is currently sat directly on the 50 day MA line.

    $8,300 – $8,200 would be my guess within 48 hours. Possible bounce and retest off the lower daily FIB at $8,150.

  3. The downward push starts. Both my NEO and Tron (TRX) stopped out in profit. BAT is still holding on and as for XRP… Well, it’s doing what XRP tends to do, not much. No stop on my XRP, looks like I’m holding some more for a while.

  4. Crucial point for Bitcoin right now. All indicators showing a downward move but it seems strong. BTC could bounce off the 50 day Moving Average here. If so, then a retest of $10,373.75 major resistance looks likely.

  5. Closed under the major resistance, not good.

    If Bitcoin retraces looking for a support now then it’s going way further down!

    Next major support is a $3,368.06 = Triple bottom.

  6. Watch and wait time again for a day or two. Buying here is risky. The weekly MACD has well and truly crossed. Will this range break even further or find support?

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