I started this blog purely to share some knowledge, albeit limited, on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, I can see in the future there could be a need for an unbiased, friendly, learn to trade, or Bitcoin and AltCoin low/high price, community.

This wouldn’t be offering financial advice. That is something I am dead against as this potentially could be someones future at stake. Those kind of decisions are made by one’s self.

The idea of a community would be to share ideas. Work out support/resistance, future movements, how or what someone else may see using Fib lines or waves etc – We could all look at the big graph together and help each other with ideas and knowledge.

I would be looking to set something like this up when this blog is fully up to speed and once all the posts are written that I want to get out… There are quite a few still left to do.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is just so addictive!

I could write or talk about this all day. Sad init!? – Try living with me, all this talk drives the girlfriend crazy!!

This community area would be private and only the best contributors to the blog who have actively been commenting on my posts would be accepted. There would be moderation and certain standards to be kept.

It would be nice to have an area that could be of active help to others with helpful information on the current, and future price, plus up-to-date tracking on the movements of Bitcoin and all AltCoins.

As said, this isn’t going to happen straight away. Something like this may take months, or years, but I’m going to be around for a long time yet…

Add your email address to my newsletter list and I will keep you all informed. Exciting times ahead.

Good luck & trade safe!

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