First ever Binance Bitcoin warning received.

Binance Warning - Volatility Alert
Binance notifications are not normally like this. You know the market is moving quickly when you receive warnings.

Binance Bitcoin warning sent to my mobile phone early this morning. To me this is a very professional approach by a responsible cryptocurrency exchange. Especially since this market is completely unregulated.

Cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance, do not have to issue a Bitcoin warning at all and to be honest it probably isn’t in their best interest to do so short-term. The market moving is how they make money.

Long-term for loyalty though from a customer/traders point of view this is certainly welcome.

One thing though, have some consideration for time zones, Binance. My phones went nuts and woke me up at 3:51 AM! (I have more than one. Personal and a cryptocurrency wallet storage phone). You may be awake but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be…

Although I did roll over and soundly go back to sleep safe in the knowledge that I haven’t been in a trade for weeks and buying back in time will soon be coming.

Previous notifications.

I don’t have any to hand right now and it appears that once you clear notifications on an iphone then you cannot retrieve them.

However, on occasions when Bitcoin hits certain milestone levels (normally each $1000 move), Binance also send out courtesy notifications to alert you – Nice touch.

I will update this post with the next one that I receive. Hopefully not $4000 or $3,000 though, eh? I do have a sneaky feeling it could be.


Here it is, received this notification to my phone this morning.

Binance Bitcoin volatility alert notification under $5,000
Bitcoin is having a hard time remaining above $5,000. Price drop alert notification.

Bitcoin had slipped into $4,000 for a short period of time. It has since pushed back above $5,000… For now.

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